Iowa Baseball Museum of Norway
Our museum tells the story of how baseball came to the little town of Norway after the end of the Civil War, and culminated in twenty State High School Championships; producing prolific numbers of college and semi pro players, seventeen minor leaguers, and four who made it to all the way to the Majors. Truly, Norway had its own “Field Of Dreams” long before that famous movie was made, but we hope you will come to realize that it was the “Love of the Game” which inspired all the success of Norway baseball. The love of the the game kept Norway Baseball going from father to son, through little league coaches and high school coaches, from town team baseball to the big leagues… and mothers, grandmas, sisters, aunts, girlfriends and wives were all part of the love affair; they too shared the love of the game, and allowed their men - no matter their age - to become one of the “boys of summer”. On the field it was all about playing the game right! It was always David v. Goliath, but Norway’s tradition was its trademark and each year the Legend of Norway Baseball grew. Yes, with the crack of a bat and the roar of a crowd, it’s easy to see, a ball diamond was always Norway’s first love.
Our Museum - Main Street in Norway, Iowa