Iowa Baseball Museum of Norway

Final Season CD

The Movie, the Final Season was filmed in Norway, and tells the story of Norway’s 20th and final High School State Championship. Item # 07 - $15

Framed Mural

Item # 04 - $40

Baseball Poster

We commemorate the Players and Coaches of Norway’s Past. # 05 - Framed $15 # 06 - Unframed $5
Kent Stock’s motivational, and inspiration book about baseball and life, describing his “Journey from Little League to Hollywood. Item # 01 - $15
Norway Baseball “Gone but not Forgotten” In its 250 pages the book covers the history of baseball in Norway, from its beginnings to the present day. Item # 03 - $15
The best of of the best of our local recipes, served up with a healthy plate of local history. Item # 02 - $15

Heading for Home

Keepsakes Keepsakes
Home Run Cooking
A replica of the mural that graces the side of our Museum.
Clothing Clothing

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