Iowa Baseball Museum of Norway
1. Reel:   The 1991 Championship was played at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids.        Real:   The 1991 Championship Game was played at Marshalltown, IA. 2. Reel:    A boy from Chicago, lived with his grandparents in Norway, and made the team. Real:    No boy from Chicago played on the Team. 3. Reel:   The bus driver had a heart attack while driving the school bus. Real:   The father of one of the players, who did drive a school bus, did have a heart attack in             the final inning of the Championship Game, behind the grandstands. 4. Reel:   Norway ball players played fast rubber behind the School. Real:   Boys in Norway played fast rubber almost anywhere they could find a backstop. 5. Reel:   Large crowds would come to watch the high school team practice. Real:   Huge crowds did not come to watch practice. 6. Reel:   Kent Stock had a romance with a lady from Iowa Dept. of Education. Real:   No such romance took place. 7. Reel:    Someone filled the dugout with volley balls. Real:    Nobody filled the dugout with volley balls. 8. Reel:    A Norway player intentionally let himself get hit to get on base. Real:    No player was hit by a pitch, but the player who got the hit to tie the game was 0 for 3              when he came to bat. 9. Reel:   One of the players quit before the 1991 Summer Season. Real:   Tyson Kimm left the Team to join his father, major leaguer Bruce Kimm, in San Diego 10. Reel:   Kent Stock had quit coaching to go to work at a bank. Real:   Kent Stock would eventually go to work for a bank.
The Top Ten - “Reel” Stories
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